Cashmere - the finest and most exclusive yarn of all

Cashmere wool originates from Cashmere goats that live mainly in China and Mongolia.
They are, however, also to be found in Russia, Turkey, Afghanistan and most recently Australia and New-Zealand.
The mountains and highlands of China and Mongolia are the ideal home to the Cashmere goats. Thus, the yarn from there is considered to be the finest in the world.

The valuable undercoat is combed by hand once a year and each goat produces 100-150 grams of wool. For one pullover the wool of about three goats is needed.

A special comb is used to guarantee for top quality, undamaged goat hair.

The alternative methods of shearing or shaving the goats to extract the hair maybe faster and more productive, but the fibres are then shorter and less elastic and lack the wonderful shiny gloss of the traditionally-extracted hair.

Cashmere wool usually comes in three different shades :

  • white to natural
  • light grey and grey
  • brown

The white Cashmere is the softest and most supple, therefore the most expensive.

The classification of Cashmere yarn is the last step in a long and expensive production process. What determines the price is the quality of the raw material used. This may result in great price differences.

The limited availability and the time-consuming method of hair-extraction explain the high price of this product.

What makes Cashmere so special is its softness, its silky sheen and its outstanding suppleness.

We produce our basic models from 26S/2 yarn, a double-threaded yarn used mainly in the strengths 3,5 gage until 16 gage.

100% Merino - a dream to wear

Merino wool is pure nature.

We get our yarn from the most exclusiv yarn company in Italy. We work with 2 different machines for this yarn. One in 14GG as our basic and the other in 18GG, that is super lightweight. Both are created to wear all over the year.

Wonderful soft feeling and easy to care. This is 100% Merino.

15% Cashmere/85% Silk - for an extraordinary taste

this yarn composition is something very special. The combination of the two most exclusiv yarns is for a customer with an extraordinary taste. Extremely soft, warm by the cashmere part and cooling by the silk. Knitwear for all over the year. We only work with this yarn in 16GG, that is very light and soft.

75% Silk / 25% cotton

this combination offers the perfect comfort feeling on warm summer evenings. A luxury of quality.

How to care for your Cashmere pullover

Any sort of wool will suffer wear and tear if washed too often.
To ensure an even longer life of this natural product, it is better to air the knitwear rather than to wash it. Small creases and unpleasant odours will quickly vanish if your pullover is left to hang in the moist night air or in the humidity of a bathroom.

Wash by hand in lukewarm water, using shampoo or a special wool detergent only.
Use only a minimum of detergent and do not leave to soak in the suds.
Squeeze gently, rinse thoroughly, pull into form and dry flat.
Scrubbing, excessive squeezing, and pulling the wet knitwear out of the water will only result in it becoming matted.

With the purchase of our Cashmere pullover, you have acquired a natural product of top quality and maximum comfort.

Cashmere offers an ideal combination of maximum luxury and exclusive life-style.

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